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Bayworld promotes the dissemination of knowledge by reporting scientific discoveries in appropriate media, through teaching and by making its collections available to students and researchers from other institutions. Furthermore, a day seldom passes when Bayworld is not thronged with children of all ages and cultures participating in a unique learning experience.

Project Name: Eastern Cape Bayworld
South Africa
Tourism & Leisure
Product & Service:
Travel & Tourism

Location :
Formerly known as the Port Elizabeth Museum, Bayworld offers the visitor a museum, an Oceanarium and a reptile park, in one comprehensive facility.
Within Bayworld, a host of world-class attractions include live animal displays, with dolphins, turtles, seals, penguins, fish, snakes and crocodiles.The large dolphin lake is undoubtedly the focal point of the Oceanarium, where two Indian Ocean Bottlenose dolphins delight visitors on a daily basis.
A large seal pool enclosure houses a small colony of Cape fur seals, as well as Subantarctic seals, and the penguin breeding facility is a perennial favourite.The museum – the third oldest in South Africa – hosts historical exhibits that include shipwrecks, dinosaurs, Xhosa beadwork, historical costumes and local fossils.

Located in close proximity to the highlights of the city such as beachfront pubs on the Boardwalk, the pulsing beats of nightclubs on Summerstrand and reggae spots in the city centre, Bayworld acts as a central attraction from which visitors can explore the city.

Project Description:
Bayworld is a sophisticated interactive entertainment facility, and is supported by a strong scientific, heritage and educational resource base that includes research & conservation, interactive exhibitions, an auditorium, education centre, oceanarium, reptile display and museum.
An upgrade and re-development of Bayworld will maximise the experience, visitor appeal and spend.

Approx. Value:

R133 million

The Department of Sport, Recreation, Arts and Culture has provided R5.4 million for the upgrade of the Baydome.

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