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4 reasons to study your MBA in South Africa

Sunny skies and sandy beaches are the perks of studying in South Africa. Here’s why you should consider doing your MBA on Africa’s southernmost tip.
By Craig Falck for Africa Report.

  1. Quality Education: South Africa is packed with some of the best business schools in the world. Wits Business School, Milpark Business School, the Gordon Institute of Business Science, the University of Cape Town Graduate School of Business and many others have been providing students with internationally accredited MBA courses for years.
  2. Economic Hub: South Africa is the economic hub of Africa. With Africa’s economy being one of the most stable in the world, is there a better place to experience business life at its best? Networking possibilities are great, especially when businesses enter the South African market and look for graduate employees.
  3. Customisation: There’s an MBA course for you no matter what your experience, industry or business is. With dozens of different MBA courses to choose from, you’ll be able to find the one that puts you ahead of the pack.
  4. Resources: South Africa was one of the first countries to offer MBA courses after the United States in the 1950s; a large percentage of business schools have been purpose-built, so they have every facility needed to further your education.

You can make your student life that much easier by choosing the right place to study. When it comes to MBA courses in Africa, South Africa is clearly leading the pack.

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