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Want to study in India? Here’s how

Since the recession, India has become one of the fastest growing global economies. The country has built a solid education system and has opened it up to international students who want to study there.
By trawling the internet, you will find a number of websites with information on studying abroad. While it’s always good to visit these sites and see what’s out there, the best idea is to actually contact your consulate in India and ask them to point you in the right direction. For this exercise, we used www.scholars4dev.com as our source of study options.
According to this site, the Indian government has set up a scholarship programme called the Indian Government Scholarship Scheme for Africans. Each year the India Africa summit is held and one of the topics discussed is education. This is normally where speakers announce plans to assist students who want to study abroad.
According to scholars4dev.com, the 2010 and 2011 terms saw eight scholarships awarded to African students to study undergraduate, postgraduate and higher degrees in India. While it focused on only four countries at the time (four students from Nigeria, two from Benin, and one each from Cameroon and Chad), there are other options available where students can apply directly to universities, regardless of where in Africa they live. Studying abroad has been discussed in depth on Africa Report and there are a number of steps and processes that you will need to go through before you’re able to study overseas. You’ll need a passport, you’ll need to apply and be accepted at the institution of your choice to study, and you’ll need to find accommodation and prove that you have security finances and medical aid, should you find yourself in an emergency situation. These all stay the same and you can’t skip or ignore them.
Studying anywhere in the world other than your country of birth can be difficult. However, it’s also incredibly fulfilling and the different culture is a life lesson on its own. Don’t let anything hold you back if you want to study overseas. Just work hard and follow the steps and you could see yourself jetting off to the educational experience of a lifetime.
Source: www.scholars4dev.com

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