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Morocco: International Academy of African Business and Development

The International Academy of African Business and Development will be hosted at the El Jadida Polydisciplinary University in Morocco from 15 to 19 May.
In a country that boasts a smorgasbord of cultural authenticity and historical richness, Morocco is perfectly poised for a gathering of industry experts of this nature. It may be located far in the north with entrenched ties to the Middle East, but as one of Africa’s most stable economies, Morocco is a premier destination for leading scholars and business leaders on Africa’s development.
The Academy highlights the changing political and economic changes that African business is experiencing on a local and international level. The five-day summit is one of the biggest of the year and offers learners and entrepreneurs the chance to present at the conference. In a business climate characterised by exclusivity and hierarchy, an opportunity to speak is worth its weight in gold.
Those who feel they have an important topic to present are invited to submit their documents and presentations to the hosting organisation, who will then evaluate the submissions and either approve or reject the proposals. The Academy is open to learners, professionals and tertiary institution graduates from around the world who are concerned with the future of business and are engaged in the research and performance of business and economic development issues as they relate to Africa.
One of the Academy’s goals is to facilitate research between international collaborations and researchers. This will assist in understanding more about Africa and its development in the global economy, as well as laying the foundations for future research. This sort of environment is vital for the global economy, not to mention education around the world, as new knowledge and theories are gained and then passed on to students, learners and industry experts.
The event is filled with debates and discussions led by key players in the industry.  Presenters from the education sector will deliver presentations regarding their research and other newfound knowledge. There will also be a chance for delegates to network and hold discussions, not to mention propose new research and information sharing that will benefit all parties.
For more information, contact E.Cleeve@mmu.ac.uk or visit http://www.iaabd.org/

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