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The Bi-annual Women In Engineering Conference

Women Engineers to meet on the 17th and 18th of November in Johannesburg
Women are quickly becoming leaders in the engineering field, and to showcase innovative engineering practices and network with experts in the industry and colleagues, the second bi-annual Women In Engineering Conference will be taking place in mid-November at Johannesburg’s Emperor’s Palace.
Topics being discussed at the conference will focus on the vital part that women engineers play in the global and South African economy, as well as highlighting the social aspect of the industry. Key speakers will include women engineers who have worked hard to achieve tremendous amounts of success not only as women in the workplace, but also as leaders in a field once considered a “male-only” zone. Another aspect that will be discussed is how these women have become champions of their communities and how the engineering industry can be a solution to poverty and a successful career.
Educational opportunities will also be one of the topics discussed, where educators and experts in the engineering industry will talk about careers in engineering, as well as provide delegates the opportunities to network with other engineering organisations and enterprises from around Africa. And men engineers are encouraged not to shy away from the conference, but rather to attend and meet their women counterparts in the industry.
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