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Get Online to Grow your Business

Create a website for your company and share your business with the world.
One of the ways Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) can advertise their products and services is by using online marketing. This is because the increased access to mobile telephones and reduced internet costs in Africa has brought a huge market population online. Simple ways of using online marketing include running a website, a blog or simply sending emails to a selected client list. Here are four reasons why getting online can mean growing your business.

1. Affordable

Online marketing can be a very cheap and frequently free means of promoting your company.  Various online tools are available for entrepreneurs to create their own website at no expense to themselves.For instance entrepreneurs can create a free website at Yola.com http://www.yola.com/ and begin enjoying the benefits of online marketing. You can also start a free blog at WordPress.com http://wordpress.com/ and keep clients updated on new information about your company or products.
2. Interactive
By using online marketing, through emails and a website you will be able to interact with your clients and get to know what they think about your products and company. Marketing is all about communication. By using online marketing you can not only inform your clients but also receive feedback. Receiving comments, questions and complaints from clients will help you build on your strengths and know and improve on your weaknesses.

3. Wider Reach

Online marketing enables you to reach a wider market and overcome limitations of geographical boundaries. For instance, prospective clients from other countries will be able to view your website or blog. You can also refer clients in foreign countries to your website or blog to see new products on offer.

4. Flexible

With constant interaction with clients you can change the information posted online to answer customer questions or give more details about a particular product. You will be able to change your marketing campaign and post new details anytime you want. You can also make immediate responses and clarifications when needed.

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