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How Do You Get Your Staff to Work Better?

Due to tight work schedules, employees in leading organisations may not often get the opportunity to take time out to join in wellness programs or health improving events.

If you are an entrepreneur or own a small to medium business, have you thought of encouraging your employees to exercise? It is imperative that staff exercise and de-stress, as it consequently impacts on productivity at the work place.
Increase Economic Output
Sport and recreation is widely acknowledged to have a positive impact upon motivation and productivity in the workplace. If your staff become healthier through active participation in sport and leisure, they will be able to absorb more knowledge, and thereby improve productivity and capacity. This development of human capital resulting from active participation in sport and leisure has a positive effect on the aggregate economic output (GDP).
Improve Productivity
So as to promote a healthy workforce, it is important for institutions to support the staff in subscribing on regular health schemes. The basic thrust here is to promote the sharing of the values of sports for a healthy living. This would at the end create interest and passion for individuals to engage in social activities that underscore healthy lifestyles, but most importantly improve productivity by bigger levels.
Reduce Absenteeism
Many comprehensive studies also highlight a positive link between sport and recreation and reduced absenteeism. Data from a collection of corporate surveys show that the level of their workers’ absenteeism has been reduced by around 25% after their introduction of active fitness programs.
Benefit from Exercise
Regular exercise increases concentration and focus by 75%, while productivity increases by 80%. Registration in a wellness program improves satisfaction and boosts productivity. Fitness improves positivity and attitude while at the same time promotes a healthy lifestyle. Absenteeism consequently declines by 14%. Controlled exercising improves stamina and endurance among participants by over 12%
Enhanced Performance
Exercising improves mood, productivity, cognitive functioning, reactive time and sensory motor perception. Absenteeism from work affects productivity at the business and thereby at the aggregate national economic level. Thus, there can be significant commercial and economic benefits from corporate fitness program.

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