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A Name to be Remembered: Lake Lodge Luxury in Nakuru National Park

Lake Nakuru Lodge was nurtured by an entrepreneur with a view to write his name and the name of his country in the hospitality history books.
Determination, focus and willpower – these are the key words of Kenyan entrepreneur, Joseph Muya.

I wanted to be successful, and I wanted my name to be written. Kenyans were not known to be successful in tourism, but we have broken that monotony. We stand in the top now and everyone around the world in tourism recognises that Lake Nakuru Lodge is on the map. That is the determination that I wanted, to make a difference.”

Joseph Muya: Owner of Lake Nakuru Lodge

Joseph Muya purchased the Lake Nakuru Lodge over twenty years ago.  At the time of transfer the pre-existing establishment was but a shadow of the luxurious lodgings it is reputed as today. The lodge is located in Kenya’s Nakuru National Park, a monumental wetland nature reserve densely populated with a spectrum of iconic African animals. The vast view of the African savannah cast amidst wildlife reflections shimmering off Lake Nakuru’s waters is an amenity unparalleled by European hospitality counterparts. Watering holes can be seen from the hotel swimming pool where the tones of the African sunset meet the wings of flamingos. Originally housing just sixteen beds, Joseph diligently developed the accommodation overlooking this vista to its now more than one hundred and sixty beds. Impressive offerings expand from the conference centre and bar to game drives and scenery.
Joseph has a unique way of approaching business, allowing every employee at the lodge to act as their own boss. Rather than having to supervise his team throughout the day, Joseph believes that his staff are responsible enough and equipped with sufficient knowledge to manage themselves. Indeed, there is no hierarchy of power within his business, each employee being treated like a member of a family and a ‘hospitality entrepreneur’. This trust in his people, along with the social welfare they receive, creates a positive working environment. Lake Nakuru Lodge is hosted by self-motivated individuals volunteering to take ownership of their tasks thus performing at an excellent level as a result.
Joseph remains optimistic that a selection of both new and frequent guests will continue to travel to his well-known lakeside lodge. Currently appreciated by travellers from across Africa, Joseph believes that domestic visits will rise as the economy re-establishes itself. Until then world explorers continue to take snapshots of Lake Nakuru Lodge and its location to share abroad as proof of the Kenya’s panorama. Joseph is confident about the future of his land and his lodge, aiming to meticulously polish its placement at the top of Africa’s tourist destinations for many years to come. Joseph has indeed carved his name as an entrepreneur in African stone and circled his property on the business map.

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