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Corporate Promotions From Argentina

Childhood friends, Patricio Miranda and Rodolfo Montes de Oca, launched Zott Producciones in an Argentinean garage. Their company now exports promotional products to more than forty countries on four continents.
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Fiona Rom

With twenty years of experience in the field of promotions, Miranda and Montes de Oca have created a global company which is a key supplier of over a hundred million innovative toys and other products to international corporations such as McDonald’s. In challenging economic circumstances, Zott Producciones has built a solid reputation for efficiency, quality and social responsibility.

“The era of telecommunications means new possibilities for business,” Montes de Oca tells Argentinean newspaper Clarin. “Although we still focus on Latin America, our market is now the world. We saw and took the opportunity to create a global business for our corporate promotional products.”

Zott handles every aspect of the productive chain, from the first idea, through manufacturing, to assembly of the final product. “Nowadays clients expect a lot more than simply designing or producing a solution”, says CEO Miranda. “We aim to provide a 100-percent-integrated company, with highly-creative and qualified professionals, who has what it takes to obtain solutions based on quality, safety and sustainability.”

The founders believe their greatest asset is their staff. The company’s achievements have been recognised by several prestigious awards including a gold prize from the US Food Service Packaging Institute in partnership with the American magazine QSR. “This recognition reflects the work of our whole team,” says Montes de Oca. “It shows that achievement comes with effort and dedication.”

Zott is highly committed to community and social development, and provides many benefits for employees in the areas of housing, health and education, even running an in-house high school programme. The company also contributes to local welfare organisations, supports entrepreneurial initiatives, and is constantly developing and updating its policies in relation to energy consumption, recycling, and environmental awareness.

“We want to be an example to imitate”, says Miranda. “We want to show that it is possible for a small to medium company to succeed by operating within the law, respecting employees, and taking care of clients and potential clients.”

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